Emotional Freedom Technique - Tapping What is it?

Transformation is a constant letting go.


Becoming the queen of my life meant I had to release the out dated versions of myself that no longer served me.


Tapping for a few minutes a day and/or whenever I felt overwhelm helped put me on the my path to my royal destination. (LOL)


Now, I can help my whole self to let go and move forward.

One common challenge we all share is some form of stress. Stress holds us back in so many ways.


There are various types of stress or stressors.


How we experience them is unique to each of us.


How often do you feel stressed?

We are hard-wired for stress.


We wouldn't be here today had we not been hard-wired with a stress-response. Our freeze, fight, flight response to possible threats saved our ancestors lives.


I believe that our life-saving stress response could be undermining our present health and evolution.


Our cumulative, chronic stress is a silent killer of our best.


Stress is evident in how we've become a threat to each other. 


This is a serious problem.


Tapping has the potential to change not only your life but also advance the Greater Good.

So, why am I talking about stress when you want to know more about tapping?

Tapping turns off this unconscious stress-response.


Emotional Freedom Technique-Tapping  is a powerful holistic healing tool which combines ancient Chinese acupressure (which turns off the stress alarm in our ancient brain and turns our relaxation response) with modern psychology to clear the mind-body of the undue suffering of phobias, emotional disorders, limiting beliefs, cravings, stubborn weight loss/gain, chronic pain and more.

Tapping rewires the brain and emotional memories from our past.


Tapping with you're own two hands (your peace sign fingers)  on a few easy to-access Chinese energy points, also known as energy meridians, can seriously bring peace to our past or present.

The combination of narrating our story and tapping not only uncovers our dirt but also cleans house making room for layers of self-healing.


Our issues are in our tissues.


Our bodies have lived our lives and hold all it experiences.


Dr. Christiane Northrup, a huge fan of tapping, explains it this way "Our belief systems lives in our fascia. Our fascia is where the meridians run. Tapping literally knocks-on-the -door of our beliefs, wounds and opens the door to the beliefs and wounds. When we feel an emotion while tapping we know we're on it."

Tapping has proven highly effective in dealing with PTSD, opioid addiction, auto-immune disorders and cancer.  

Tapping is quickly becoming recognized by the medical community as an effective means of enhancing health and wellness.

Anyone can learn this! Children love it!


Practicing this technique ensures that you have you're own back.


Tapping is powerful tool which puts YOU in charge of YOUR BEST!


"D’Anna is an authentic healer and has a true gift.  As a personal recipient of her unique style of yoga mixed with her integration of tapping, I was able to experience a release of limiting beliefs as well as leave my session with a shear sense of calmness." - 

Aubrey Worek|FitnessEnvi


Degreed Exercise Specialist | Transformation Coach | Creative Movement Athlete | Posing Coach

Certified: Exercise Physiologist, ACSM; Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA; Nutrition Specialist, AASDN

TV Wellness Specialist on  Pittsburgh Today Live with KDKA

Ms. Fitness America Champion and Pro

YogaFit Instructor RYT– Yoga Alliance