What We Resist, Persists.

For several years, I protested being a woman in her fifties.

 I was experiencing weight gain, severe inflammation, fragmented thoughts, disrupted sleep, hot flashes and heart palpitations.
Strong coffee, Ibuprofen, and perseverance kept me trudging along through my days.
My wake-up call came when I began to experience dizziness while teaching fitness classes.
I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.
For me, this was a health crisis. I had always taken excellent care of my body (at least I thought) so I felt like my body was betraying me.
I started taking the Synthroid  and soon had some relief from the dizzy spells.
I continued to cover up the chronic knee pain with anti-inflammatories and to jump-start my energy with coffee.
By not listening to my chronic fatigue and severe arthritis, I was the one betraying my body.
Finally, I embraced the pain of my arthritic knees.
I remixed my exercise routines and sought treatment.

A treatment known as PRPT. Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy permitted me to continue teaching dance without excessive discomfort.(I highly recommend.)

Pain is an enormous energy drain.
The relief from this treatment rebounded my spirits and hope in maintaining my active lifestyle. 

However, time was ticking.


Eventually I would  elect to have a partial knee replacement.


Things change when things change. So true.

This was case with menopause.
It was not going to wait for me to give it the green light. 
I compared notes with my mother's recollection of this transitional time. I had a good idea of what to expect when you're not expecting. LOL 
I had a fear of the unknown.
I didn't know that I was soon to "become the  woman in menopause... the queen of herself....at a crossroads of life, torn between the old way she has always known and a new way she has just begun to dream of."-Christiane Northrup

 Ultimately, I had to make a choice. The game-changing choice was to work with a health coach. 


Having a health coach helped me to see that I have options. It became possible for me to befriend my body and myself.


My body supports me to this day without my asking.


I realized my diet and lifestyle habits needed some fine-tuning.


Some simple and some not-so-easy measures renewed my energy and positive mind-set.


Personalized diet and stress reduction methods (meditation, energy work and EFT-tapping were my go-to for 'letting-go") dramatically reduced pain, inflammation, belly fat and hot flashes.


Now, my hormones are working for me not against me.


My transformation has been a win-win;


Mid-life crisis resolved with meaningful direction as a health coach;


My wonderful husband got his bride back;


Our incredible kids witnessed the birth of their mother.