Tapping Steps to Trade Stress for

Your Personal Best.


Come into your body with a moment of kindness

and with an intention to lend a hand to yourself.

Place your hand over your heart center.

Take three slow breaths.

1) Choose Your Most Pressing Issue (MPI).

What's stressing you right now?

2) Rate your MPI using the 0-to-10

Subjective Units of Distress (SUDS).

     How much stress are you experiencing?

Where do you feel this stress in your body?

3) Craft a setup statement addressing your Most Pressing Issue (MPI) Below are some examples for stress.

     Karate Chop: Even though I'm so stressed, I deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive myself.

     Karate Chop: Even though this situation is stressing me so much, I am choosing to feel calm and safe. 

     Karate Chop  Even though I'm so stressed right now, I choose to accept how I feel and have my  own back.

4) Speak (audibly for greatest impact) and repeat your setup statement three times while tapping on the karate chop point.  

 Refer to the diagram shown.

5) Tap through the eight points (refer to Tapping Points) in the EFT sequence while addressing your stress. Tap five to seven times (or as long as you want) at each point, starting with the eyebrow point and finishing at the Top of the Head. example: 

      Eyebrow (EB):  All this stress!

      Side of Eye (SE): All this stress!

      Under Eye (UE): All this stress! 

      Under Nose (UN): I'm so sick of being stressed.

      Chin: This stress is getting the best of me.

      Collar Bone (CB): All this stress I feel in my body.

      Under Arm (UA): I'm stressed-out.

      Top of Head (TOP): I am stressed to the max!

6) Take a deep breath.

7) Again rate the intensity of your MPI using the 0-to-10 scale. It is desirable to get the SUDs below a 3 or till you experience some shift. At this point simply look for a slight shift. Once the body starts to relax even a bit, underlying layers of the stress story will become apparent.


     This stress makes me feel tightness in my chest and overwhelmed.

8) Typically need several rounds to reduce a higher SUDS level. Repeat through the tapping points again with the same MPI OR begin again at the karate chop point (step 3) addressing any deeper issue which possibly surfaced from the previous round of tapping.

    New Setup Statement might look like:

     Karate Chop: Even though I am feeling overwhelmed, I choose to profoundly love, accept, and forgive   myself and how I feel. (repeat three times)

        EB: All this overwhelm.

        SE: I am overwhelmed.

        UE: I have so much going on all at once.

        UN: I feel stuck.       

        CH: My chest is tight.

        CB: Even my breath is stuck.

        UA: This overwhelm scares me.

     TOP: I am unable to focus.

9) This the best part. Inviting the positive. Asking for healing. Questioning any deeper issues under the stress. How am I contributing to my present experience (of stress)?

Tapping the same points might sound like this:

      EB: I know I put a lot of pressure on myself.

      SE: I expect so much of myself.

      UE: I really enjoy challenging myself but,

      UN: I can see how my ambition 

      CH: might be hindering my productivity.

      CB: I wonder if it's possible...

   TOP: That I can release this tension around my ambition

      UA: And be productive with more ease?

             tap another round

        EB: Is it possible that I could be happy

        SE: doing less with more?

        UE: Maybe my challenge is to focus 

        UN: On one thing at a time. 

        CH:  I can make a conscious choice

        CB: to bring quality attention to one task.

        UA: I am in control. And I choose to

     TOP: Feel relaxed and focused doing one thing at a time.

10) Take a deep breath. Reassess your stress level (SUD). Hopefully you're feeling relief and have gained some clarity from this step-back that tapping can provide.

Let's all be more compassionate with ourselves and one another. Life is not an emergency!!!

The Tapping Solution-A Revolutionary System for Stress Free Living, by Nick Ortner, 2013, www.thetappingsolution.com

Published and Distributed by Hay House, Inc. www.hayhouse.com

Adapted with permission.