I want to have an ordinary yoga practice and an extraordinary life.


I started sharing the gift of yoga long before becoming certified and registered with the Yoga Alliance in 2009.

My first formal training in 2003 helped me to initiate many in my community seeking the answer to "What is yoga?"


I  taught thousands of souls various fitness and yoga classes in the area for the past 27 years.


Although my extensive teaching experience is immeasurable, it was becoming a certified health coach in 2017 which would elevate my ability to teach with the intention of facilitating transformation.

I offer private and semi-private yoga, wellness coaching and transformational Yoga Soul Playshops for individuals and groups empowering people on a trajectory towards their most good.


I truly believe that self-actualization requires becoming a discipline to the self in all areas of life. 


If we truly want to be the change, then we need to be confident in showing up different.