Yoga Soul Playshops

Develop your soul-care tool-kit.

Inspired learning to enrich your aliveness with yoga, meditation, tapping and art-making.

Re-claim your divine design of creative expression and let-grow through the art of PLAY- People Living at Yes!

Yoga: “I AM.” In your yoga practice, you are not merely stretching, breathing and forgetting the days concerns. You are mindfully witnessing your body’s story of how you are living life. Your body is a storehouse of energy and information. Yoga practices marry the body’s myofascial system, muscles, bones, ligaments, organs with various energy networks (chakra wheels, meridian highways, & more) to consciously heal patterns/stories of your present condition and levels-up the vibration of your human expression. Each asana then becomes a creative expression that nourishes and rebuilds your dwelling. “I made that.” AND “I am that.” A dedicated yogic path awakens and frees your sacred aliveness. Living strengthened by your personal truth requires a devoted practice towards personal growth and transformation. Being a new creation, vibrant and free from suffering, is your nature, your design and honors The Great Creator.

Emotional Freedom Technique-Tapping: “It is safe to show-up different." You are a seeker here to “follow your bliss”-Joseph Campbell. Along your journey of self-discovery, you must walk the path less traveled.  Opening doors to new experiences requires courage. Instinctually, you look for the dangers and picture the worst possible outcome. This self-preservation served our ancestors well as they explored their world because chances were very likely a saber tooth tiger was behind the door. Today this stress response and its cascade of hormones is triggered more and more not by actual threats to your life but most often by your ego’s dominion. Every day you see evidence of the stress alarm at work in anger, hate, judgment, resentment, depression and hypervigilance. This community of stress can rob you of your best efforts and keep your story (& humankind’s story) from evolving. Your fears, doubts, and negativity limit you to the “scared straight” path to dullness.

Hurt people, hurt people and “in this ever-changing world in which we live in makes you want to give-in and cry…”-Beatles. Good News! Your loving hands can help. Mindfulness and Tapping change ego’s trick into a treat. Tapping is a self-administered technique that combines the wisdom of Chinese acupressure with modern energy psychology to turn-off the ancient brain’s amygdala (stress alarm) and rewires the hippocampus (memory bank).  New research now proves tapping and meditation are a one-two punch to dramatically reduce stress and slay obstacles to your vibrant living.

Creative Expression/Art-making: “I am a YES!”  “You have come for freedom, growth and joy.”- Esther Hicks. Say yes to P.L.A.Y. (people living at yes!) exploring your heart’s passion and the expansion of bliss. Give yourself permission for F.U.N. (free you now!) It is so important to have a play-date or free-time to experience pure pleasure in hobbies, crafts and adventure. Pleasure not only enriches our lives and reduces our stress, but also connects us to pure joy. Joy ignites the master hormone DHEA which is now known as the fountain of youth. Think of how it feels when you get a NO! It shuts us down and closes us off from our truest purest best self.


Through creativity you experience that joy while “… seeking to forge a creative alliance, artist-to-artist, with the Great Creator.”- Julia Cameron. Transformation is a constant letting-go. Release and reveal the magic maker in you. 


Additionally, your mind-set directly affects heart-health. Walking through life with hypervigilant anticipation of “what if?” permeates beyond your own heart-field into the collective heart. It is my belief that this is a big reason why heart disease is the leading cause of death among women globally. A woman is the first to heal everyone but herself. Agree? Self-care and soul-care lifestyle is that air mask you put on yourself first to then serve others forward.